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Be Bold!

For many years I did not know where my place was in this world. Utilizing mindfulness, meditation, and breath work, I began trusting my heart and leaned in to the things that bring me joy. This is my love story with flowers and event design. I am at peace with flowers and love creating unique designs. I have had the distinct pleasure of working at Arizona Community Foundation for the past nine years. I can honestly say that during this time I have truly found myself; moreover, I have found the loves of my life including Mark, my hubby, Bailey and Izzy, our rescue doggies; and flowers and events.

My core values: Be Bold. Be Inspired. Have fun. My mission is to share my passion and love for floral and event design with you. With over 15 years of experience, trust that you are in good hands.

What brings you happiness? How can I share my gifts and talents with you? Let’s discuss and create an unforgettable experience together.

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